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Migrating SLD Server on SAP XI

Migrating SLD Server

If you have been using a single SLD server for DEV, QA & Prod and are now considering to have separate ones here are the changes you require on SAP XI system to point to a new SLD server.

  1. Export SLD content from the current SLD server
    • Call http://<sourcehost>:<sourceport>/sld --> Adminstration --> Export
    • Choose the option ALL and Full Export
    • Download the exported file
  2. Start the new SLD server http://<targethost>:<targetport>/sld --> Adminstration --> Start Server
  3. Check Technical Systems and Business Systems to ensure that the SLD on the new server is empty (and clear the data from any previous SLD import effort)
  4. Import the downloaded SLD content in the new SLD server
    • Call http://<taregthost>:<targetport>/sld --> Adminstration --> Import
    • Choose the path to the exported file
  5. Open Exchange profile and update the following entries to reflect the new SLD server details
  6. Change the SLD server details in SLD Data Supplier service --> Runtime --> HTTP Properties
  7. Change the SLD server details using ABAP transaction SLDAPICUST
  8. Start the SLD bridge from http://<targethost>:<targetport>/sld --> Adminstration --> Data Supplier Bridge Adminstration (maintain the gateway details of new server)
  9. Change the SLD bridge gateway details using ABAP transaction RZ70

Check the transaction SLDCHECK to ensure the changes are correct

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