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Applications for Windows 8

Recommended Windows 8 Apps

Utility Apps
  • Time Tile: Create a live tiles showing current time on the start screen
  • The Time: Another live tile that shows time and other optional information
  • Custom Tile Maker: Make live tiles with pictures
  • Xbox SmartGlass: Interacts with Xbox 360
  • Google search: Google search and also use the built in talk to search feature
  • Kindle: Read amazon kindle books using Windows 8
  • Evernote: Synchronized note taking app
  • OneNote: Microsoft's note taking app
  • Fresh Paint: Realistic painting app. The app is great even with a mouse!

  • Netflix: Stream movies and TV episode from Netflix
  • Multimedia 8: Access network media, load subtitles, convert media files, play 3D video, capture from external devices and much more.
  • TrackSeries: Track favorite TV shows

News and Magazines

  • Wordament: Two minute long word tournament with everyone else playing with you over the internet
  • Solitaire Collection: Five different Solitaire variations
  • GameTracker: Track game releases
  • Pacman Mania: Gather as many coins as you can before the ghosts get to you!


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