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Wifi not working after installing Windows 8

After upgrading to Windows 8, I got the following error:
wifi doesn't have a valid IP configuration

I switched the Wifi settings from AES to TKIP and it started to work! If you can't get the wifi working on Windows 8,  go to Start > control Panel (show small icons) > network and sharing center > click (on left) wireless networks > right click your network > properties.
Select Security Tab, and change the type to AES from TKIP, and click okay.

If you don't use AES settings, you may still want to change it to any other setting and see if it works.


  1. Thanks for showing how to get a valid ip in windows 8

  2. I turned the AES off to TKIP and it wouldn't work at all, very frustrated on this, wish I never put windows 8 on my computer, didn't have one single problem with windows 7

    1. Depending on the make/model of your PC, you have to go to the website where you can download drivers. My laptop is an HP Pavilion Dv6, so I went to the HP drivers & downloads website, entered the make/model #. Then it asks you what OS you're using (Windows 7 or 8- 64 bit). Choose the one you're using & a list of drivers should come up. I installed ALL of them since I figured I needed them all! Most computers drivers would have to be installed manually after upgrading to another OS since the original OS that comes with the PC has drivers you cannot use once you upgrade. So pay no attention to the PC if it says it has all the latest drivers installed already. Check for yourself like I did & you'll be a lot better off! I called HP support to inform them of the problem of not being able to connect via Wi-Fi, & their response was "call Microsoft!!" So I did, & the tech wanted to TRY to tell me it was a registry problem, & I needed to pay $119.00 for "one-time support" or $300.00 for a "discounted " 2 yr. deal! Unbelievable!! All it took was to download & install ALL the drivers on the support page & I now have a choice of Ethernet/wireless. After installing & restarting, you'll see the orange light turn white....FINALLY!! :]

    2. HI All,

      I had the same wifi adapter on both my new Lenovo and HP laptop with windows 8.1 and 8. (My windows 7 had no problem at all).

      Initially i thought it's hardware problem.

      I was so frustrated and called HP and Lenovo for 3 nights until 2:30am in the morning and still found no solutions.

      My router is configured to use WPA2-PSK and AES. I called my wireless provider and router manufacturer. They suggest i twist around the settings and change from AES to TKIP. It simply worked out.

      However, i heard in windows 8.1 there is no option for AES / TKIP.

      I am gonna file a ticket to Microsoft and find out why AES is not supported.


    3. Hi Kevin. good to know you are able to solve the problem. I haven't used 8.1 yet to find out an answer.


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