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Technical Interview Panel: Basis seems to be a rare skill

I am forced into taking technical interviews now and then. I have barely attended a few myself, and consider myself unfit to conduct interviews, but the people I get to interview are no better either. Of the six interviews, only one person was able to clear the tech round.

Here are some of the Q&As as I remember:

His resume has OS/DB Migration in bold:
Me: How much of data was migrated?
Interviewee: 4 GB

This guy is a certified OS/DB migration consultant.
Me: How much of data was migrated?
Certified Consultant: *thinks hard* 100 GB
Me: How long did it take to migrate?
Certified Consultant: 3 days

This guy says he has 4 years of Basis experience
Me: Did you ever face any performance issues
Cool dude: No
Me: Ok.... if someone reports that they are not able to login to SAP system, what will you check?
Cool dude: Report to my lead
Me: What are the common transactions you use to monitor SAP
Cool dude: We don't monitor
Me: *virtual facepalm*

Basis guy has installed and supported XI
Me: Did you transport XI objects?
XI Basis guy: Yes
Me: After you import IR and ID objects, which ones require activation from change list?
XI Basis guy: Both

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