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Improving JDBC Receiver Channel Performace by using Precompiled Prepared Statement

If the receiver JDBC channel executes a lot of UPDATE statements, then the performance can be improved by using SQL bind mode.

SQL bind mode makes use of bind variables instead of actual values so that when a similar statement is executed, the parsed SQL statement can be reused from the shared pool. This has a performance improvement as parsing of the statement is avoided each time a similar statement is executed.

Here is an example of SQL statement in bind mode:

In this example A0 is the bind variable and not the actual value executed by the SQL.

To activate SQL bind mode, add the parameter sqlBindMode with value true in the additional parameters section of the Communication Channel. Note that the variable is case sensitive. You should use this option only on UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and SELECT statements. Do not activate for any other type of statement (ex: UPDATE_INSERT). Apart from adding the parameter, ensure that Database Auto-Commit-Enabled(No Transaction Handling) is not selected.

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