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Updating Seeburger Adapters with PI 7.3 Upgrade

If you are planning to upgrade your XI system to PI 7.3 and have Seeburger adapter installed, check if 2.1.5 or newer version of Seeburger adapter is being used. As this version is supported in the newer PI release, all you need to do is take a backup of the configurations and simply upgrade XI. If you are using older release, ensure that any of the following minimum release is installed:
Any of the newer seeburger release after 1.8

If you are not using 2.1.5 or newer release, follow these steps when upgrading XI:
1. Stop all Sender channels, wait for all the transactions to complete and stop rest of the channels relevant to interfaces using Seeburger adapter
2. Export Seeburger addressbooks, Digital Signature configuration, Mapping Variables, Message Monitor entries, Message Splitter configuration, Property Store data and Resource Managment configuration from Seeburger Workbench
3. Copy the exported data to a backup location
4. Trigger the PI upgrade process
5. Select "UNDEPLOY" for all Seeburger components during the JAVA PREPARE phase BUILD_COMPONENT_LIST
6. Undeploy all Seeburger components just before downtime
7. Let the PI upgrade complete
8. Copy the exported data back to the original location
9. Install new Seeburger adapters (atleast v 2.1.5)
10. Copy the exported files to import directories and import the data from Seeburger Workbench

If you are already using 2.1.5 or newer version, follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8. No need to updeploy and deploy Seeburger adapters.

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