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SAP Tools for SQL Server Administration

Tweaking the SAP installation tool SAPinst, SAP has provided as set of tools that can be used to perform the following tasks on MS SQL Server:

  • Perform a system copy (for SAP kernel <= 640)
  • Convert to a schema-based configuration from dbo-based one
  • Upgrade SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005 or higher

You can download the SAP Tools for MS SQL Server (STM) from --> SQL Server.

Apply security patch from SAP note 1375494 before using the tool and change any DB specific profile parameters. Example: Change dbs/mss/server=$(SAPDBHOST) to dbs/mss/server=<db hostname>

Usage of the tool for above mentioned tasks is pretty straightforward. Once you have downloaded and extracted the tool, go to <Path to STM tool folder>STM\<Your Platform> and call sapinst.exe. The dialogue screens will guide you from there.

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