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Recommended Free Applications for iPad

If you are new to using iPad, iPhone or iPod, you should know that there are a host of free applications available. Some of the free applications are are too good to be available for free. Here is a list of some of the applications that come highly recommended:

Flipboard is a news application with an excellent design. If you are not too much interested in design aspects and rather want news from a larger number of sources try Zite.

Soundcloud is a music application which helps you discover new music and listen to those you already know. This application lets you record and upload sound; share and like streams on facebook, twitter and tumblr.

Stanza is a great application for reading books on iPad, iPod or iPhone. This application integrates a host of free ebook databases like Gutenberg and Munseys. This application has been bought out by and may soon disappear due to thier vested interests in Kindle. Download it while it lasts.

Evernote is an excellent note taking application with syncronization across multiple machines.

Steambirds Survival HD is a free game for iPad users. This game is a sequel of Steambirds.

Allrecipes is great if you like cooking. This application lets you search recipes by course, cooking method, or prep time.

DropBox is a free application to connect to the cloud storage provided by Dropbox.

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  1. Touch screens get dirty quickly when fingers are used on them. Use iPad Stylus for finer motor control, improving note-taking and sketching/drawing ability. Many people find it easier to use touch screen keypads and buttons using a stylus as a finger substitute.


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