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Preventing Resource Crunch by IDoc Ack in XI

When the IDocs are processed, the acknowledgements are sent by SXMS_REFRESH_ADAPTER_STATUS report. These acknowledgements are processed using XBTB$* queues.

The report can process up to 9999 acknowledgements in a single run. This can result in a sudden resource crunch in an SAP XI system for a short span of time affecting other messages. The sudden flood of acknowledgements can also affect the performance of the sender system.

To prevent this, implement SAP note 1111968 and using the transaction SXMB_ADM, set the parameter EO_INBOUND_PARALLEL with CENTRAL subparameter under the category Tuning. Choose a suitable value (which indicates the number of queues that can be used). The default is 20.

IF you cannot implement the note, increase the frequency of SXMS_REFRESH_ADAPTER_STATUS report.

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