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Deleting SXMSPFRAWH Data in SAP XI

The performance headers for XI messages are maintained in SXMSPFRAWH table. You should run SAP_XMB_PERF_REORG job (ABAP report SXMS_PF_REORG) regularly to keep this table from growing endlessly with new XI messages coming in.

If you have not run this job for years or months, this table might already have a huge amount of data. Before you schedule SAP_XMB_PERF_REORG job, do the following:

1. Call SXMB_ADM, go to Integration Engine Configuration -> Category PERF and set these parameters:

2. Call transaction SE11 and create an index with the following details:
Table name: SXMSPFRAWH
Index ID:      AGG
Short description: Index for aggregation
Choose: "Non-unique index" and "Index in all database systems"
Field names:

3. Run SAP_XMB_PERF_REORG job (ABAP report SXMS_PF_REORG) on a weekend or during low activity time. Do not set this job as a periodic one yet as the first run will delete all the data prior to 15 days.

4. After the first run completes, delete the index created in step 2.

5. Schedule the following jobs to aggregate and reorganize XI performance data with the settings provided:
Job name: SAP_XMB_PERF_REORG, ABAP Program: SXMS_PF_REORG Period:Hourly

If these steps do not help, you might need to implement SAP note 1082836. Before you apply the note, open an OSS message (Component: BC-XI-IS) to consult SAP as recommended in the note.

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