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DB Connection Issues - PI to Microsoft SQL Server

1. Database connection hangs during logon
When connecting to SQL Server DB with a JDBC sernder/receiver Communication Channel, if the channel errors out during logon due to poor performance of MS SQL server (for example), you can adjust the timeout for logon by adding the following parameter in the advanced mode section of the channel configuration

driver:loginTimeout   30

This parameters changes the default logon timeout from 15 seconds (version 3 sqljdbc.jar or sqljdbc4.jar) or unlimited (sql driver version 1.2) to the custom value of this parameter (in seconds).

2. SQL Statement Execution hangs
If the SQL statement execution hangs, the Communication Channel hangs. Again the timeout for the Channel to wait for execution can be controlled from advanced mode section of the channel configuration. Add the following parameter:
driver:lockTimeout    300000

The default lockTimeout is unlimited, you can set this parameter (in ms) in order to avoid hang situation.

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