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XPI Inspector -- New Tool to Troubleshoot XI/PI Problems

You might be familiar with Web Diagtool (or Web Trace Collector), which lets you increase trace level on certain components and collects them as a zip file. XPI Inspector is a similar tool specifically designed for troubleshooting problems on XI or PI

XPI Inspector has pre-defined set of examples to make trace collection simpler. Here is the list.

  Example 1   (CPA Cache):
  Example 2   (Module Processor):
  Example 3   (AFW Security):
  Example 4   (TREX):
  Example 5   (SOAP Adapter):
  Example 6   (JDBC Adapter):
  Example 7   (File Adapter):
  Example 8   (Mail Adapter):
  Example 9   (RFC Adapter):
  Example 10  (JMS Adapter)
  Example 11  (Authentication & SSL)
  Example 12  (Performance Monitoring)
  Example 13  (ISpeak Adapters)
  Example 14  (SR & UDDI)
  Example 15  (MarketPlace Adapter)
  Example 16  (BC Adapter)
  Example 17  (Axis Adapter)
  Example 18  (RWB)
  Example 19  (Mapping Runtime)
  Example 20  (HTTP Adapter)
  Example 21  (IDOC Adapter)
  Example 50  (By Channel)
  Example 100 (Custom)

In addition to collecting trace information XPI Inspector can also perform configuration checks. The configuration checks are optional and can be controlled by the option "Collect just traces (do not perform additional checks)". The tool also extracts information that SAP usually asks you when dealing with XI/PI specific OSS messages (example: Component Info). You can also specify if the tool has to collect debug trace on XI messaging system by selecting "Collect debug traces from XI Messaging System".

Download the tool from SAP Note 1514898. After you have deployed the ear file, you can call XPI Inspector from http(s)://<host>:<port>/xpi_inspector to diagnose XI/PI problems.

For more details read how_to_inspect.pdf

A new version (v3.3) of this tool have been released. Some new examples included are:

- XI Message
- Default Trace
- Performance Problem
- JEE Service
- JEE Application


  1. Hi, it looks great. I have deployed it with succes. When I try to go to path:

    I get a 404 Not Found.

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards,

  2. Can't say anything for sure without looking at the trace file. Are you using Web Dispatcher port or J2EE engine's http port? I would suggest trying with both the ports.

  3. Hi,

    We can find nothing in the trace file,we used both ports but the result is the same,we have an open OSS call, it seems they have difficulties to interpret the problem, please install and check the situation you self (Note 1514898).


  4. That's great. Looks like they have updated the SAP note (to resolve your problem?).


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