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SAP Print Performance Problems Due to Large Size of TSPEVJOB

In order to closely integrate SAP and printer system, SAP allows handling of print requests by an external Output Management System (acess method E). Large enterprises use OMS for more reliability, better print monitoring and fax/email facilities with printer. If your prints involve OMS, TSPEVJOB table is involved to handle OMS events for print requests.

Ensure that the report RSPO1041 runs every day to cleanup the print tables (including TSPEVJOB). If you have not run this report for a long time, try its first run during a low system usage time as the report locks the printing system. To avoid prolonged lock down of print system by this report, chose a commit parameter of 1 instead of the default 10. In addition to running this report, check the bug reported in SAP Note 1566659.

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