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ICF Recorder for Error Analysis

ICF recorder provides debugging facilities to analyse HTTP problems when using Internet Communication Framework (ICF). It also allows reproduction of the error whenever you need from the details logged into the database. The recorder logs the exchange of HTTP(S) documents.

To activate ICF Recorder

Call transaction SICF
Go to "Edit" -> "Recorder (If ICF acts as server to http requests)
Go to "Client" -> "Recorder" (If ICF acts as client making http requests)
Choose "Activate Recording"
Enter the URL prefix Ex: "/sap/bc/bsp/sap"
Specify the recording time and lifetime (to indicate the amount of time this data remains in the database for troubleshooting)
You can use "User-Dependent" option to set the recording for a particular user.
You can use "Recording Level" to specify "Request" or "Request+Response".

To deactivate ICF Recorder

Call transaction SICF
Go to "Edit" -> "Recorder" -> "Deactivate Recording"

To analyse the recorded HTTP(s) requests/response

Call transaction SICF
Go to "Edit" -> "Recorder" -> "Display recording"

The recorded data is stored in the database table ICFRECORDER.

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