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How to Kill an SAP Job

This post is targeted at someone who is new to SAP administration. It will teach you how to terminate an active SAP job.

You may have noticed that cancelling an active job using the menu option in SM37 doesn't work most of the times (It never worked for me). Follow these steps to terminate a job.

Get the Workprocess which is running the Job
Search for the job using SM37. The status of the job should be Active.
Double-click on the job name and go to Job Details [F7]
Note down "Executing server", "WP number/PID" values

Restart the Workprocess
Call SM66
Match  Server, WP Number and PID with that of the job.
Click on the process
Navigate to Goto -> Local Workprocess
Select the workprocess
Click on Process -> Restart after error -> No
Click on Process -> Cancel without core
Wait till Status changes to Complete
Click on Process -> Restart after error -> Yes
Status should change to running

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