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How to Collect Performance Trace for SAP TREX

The TREX application has performance issues, you can record the performance from TREX admin to troubleshoot the performace problems.

1. Start the TREX admin tool (standalone) Go to your TREX dierctory and start or or'TREX admin'
2. Go to "Landscape: Perf.Trace"
3. Choose Start
4. A new window will pop up where you can specify your options
- The user executing the job (e.g. query)
- The time when performance trace recording is to stop ("0" is default, which means endless runtime)
- The timeline precision (1 second should be chosen)
- Flag for "Plan Execution Details" (anytime you want to analyze query performance this flag is recommended).
5. Choose OK
6. Recreate the problem
7. Choose Stop
8. Choose Save to save the results

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