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CRM Software Applications

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is an application to support the customer-facing employees from marketing, sales, and service departments help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The CRM software provides web and mobile interfaces to help the business representatives to provide real time information to the customers. In the background, the CRM system is strongly coupled with other datasources such as ERP systems, BI and SCM systems to provide a unified view.

SAP's CRM solutions not only aim at reducing cost and providing data to help make quick and good decisions, it also helps in maintaining a long-term competitive edge.

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  1. To maintain long term data competitive edge and to reduce cost and providing data to quick and good decisions, I belie CRM software is highly effective. I really enjoyed reading this software. The sales pipeline module from PanXpan can definitely help with sharing your pipeline of sales prospects. Its a great way to make sure everyone on the team knows whats going on.


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