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Splitting Entries from a Backlog Queue to More Number of Queues

If you find that there are a backlog entries on a queue in SMQ2 and wish to redistribute them into multiple queues, you can do so by activating the "Balancing" parameter in the "TUNING" category. The parameter can be set using SXMB_ADMIN transaction "Configuration --> Integration Engine Configuration".

With the "Balancing" parameter set, when any queue exceeds the set threshold, the system will temporarily stop processing the entries and redistribute them into multiple queues. Once redistribution is completed, the system deactivates the "Balancing" parameter and resumes normal operation. If you choose a very low threshold, the system will be spending the time balancing the queue and high influx of messages may cause it to remain in balancing state. The entries are specified in the parameters B_EO_IN_PARALLEL_SENDER, B_EO_OUT_PARALLEL, and B_EO_IN_PARALLEL.

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