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How to Check and Add Tables to SAP Buffer

If a table is small, accessed frequently and is not changed often, a copy of the table in SAP buffer will improve the time spent on fetching the table.

To determine if any tables need to be added to table buffer:
1. Call ST10 and go to All tables --> Since startup --> This server --> Show statistics
2. Sort the output by ABAP/IV Processor requests - Total and export the output as an excel file
3. Create a new column and 'ABAP/IV Processor requests: Changes' / 'ABAP/IV Processor requests: Total' and filter out rows which are > .1%. We are not going to look at tables that are changed very frequently
4. Now call DB05 and check the table size or you can check the table size using Analyze table in ST10. If the table size is less than 1 MB, you can buffer the table with buffering type 'full'

To add a table to buffer:
1. Call SE11
2. Populate the table name
3. Click on Goto --> Technical Settings --> Settings
4. Go to edit mode
5. Select buffering


  1. Great tip, thanks!


  3. Thanks for the kind words :)

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