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Changing XI service User Passwords

Ensure that the XI users do not expire. If there is a need to reset a password, the password must be changed in SU01 and updated at various locations. Here is a list of users with the locations requiring update:

User IDWhere to update
XILDUSERIn Connection link from exchange profile http://<xi host>:<j2ee port> /exchangeProfile
XIISUSERIn txn SM59 update the password for the destination INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI
User assigned for SLD bridgeUnder "Cluster --> Server --> Services --> SLD Data Supplier"
XIRWBUSERUnder "Cluster --> Server --> Services --> Destinations" for the destination pmistore
SAPJSFCreate a copy of SAPJSF and update under "Cluster --> Server --> Services --> JCo RFC Provider"
User for End-to-end monitoringIn txn SM59, for connections starting with PMI* under 'ABAP Connections' and 'HTTP Connections to External Server'.
GRMG UserIn txn SM59, for all connectionsstaring with XI_GRMG* under 'HTTP Connections to ABAP Systems' and under 'HTTP Connections to External Server'.

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