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Ubuntu Mouse - Review by a redditor

I didn't know Canonical sold computer accessories until today. Here is the review of Ubuntu Mouse available at their store.

You know that mouse you use all the time that feels a little clicky if you slam down the button? Yeah, it's about 10x more clickier just doing a normal, light click on this mouse.
It takes about a day or two of use to get used to the wheel being on the side, but one you get used to it it feels great. It's a great combo of both precise and smooth.
I was worried about the shape being uncomfortable but I find it's the perfect size of any mouse I own. It feels great but it's also small enough to easily fit in my pocket.
I REALLY love how it uses Mini-USB to connect - absolutely no setup, no waiting times, it just works as soon as you plug it in and since it uses Mini-USB that means you likely already have devices using it so you have a spare cable or two. Honestly the shipped cable is fairly... short... but like I said, replaceable cable so you can have plenty of room for use.
The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that #1: you can't turn the lights off without unplugging it, and the lights are very noticeable in a dark room. It does however look awesome on my wall, so it'll do for now :)
Otherwise it's a great mouse, best mouse I've ever owned. If you live in Europe it's a great buy, if you live in the US and can get it cheap it's a great buy, if you live in the US and have to pay $30 total (including shipping)... well, it's worth it if you have $30 :P
Credit: joebillybob@reddit

Looking for a good mouse for its prices? Try Logitech B100 Optical USB Mouse


  1. Logitech B100 Optical USB Mouse

    I chose this mouse for my laptop because it is cheap and it has good reviews. I like how it feels in my hand. It works very accurately and the pointer is not jumpy. Unbelievable that they can make this for $8.00! I enthusiastically recommend this mouse to anyone who needs a replacement.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write that post.


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