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Why Isn't My File Sender Channel Picking the File Up?

Most of the developers tend to use the same File server and directory location to test their File Senders. This can result in a file being accessible to more than one File Sender (this is possible if the ftp server, source directory and file name are same).

While testing the Channel, if you find that the file is processed, but you don't find anything in CC Monitoring screen, it is likely that the file is being picked up by some other CC.

One can avoid this situation by using a seperate directory for the File Sender Channel.

Basis Admins may check config_<channel name>_<service name>_<party name>.txt files in <path_to_serverN>/log/services/ to see if a file is accessible by multiple CCs.

The config_<channel name>_<service name>_<party name>.txt files are dumps of the File channel configurations available on the XI system. Similar files, for JDBC channels can be accessed from <path_to_serverN>/log/services/

You may check this book out if interested in learning PI:
SAP NetWeaver PI Development: Practical Guide

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