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Dealing with XI Messages in Holding Status

For EOIO (Exactly Once In Order) type messages, the messages are processed in a sequential order. Unless the previous message is Successful or Cancelled from further processing, the message will be in Holding status.

  1. Open Runtime Workbench, go to Message Monitoring and select the component (ex: Adapter Engine SID, from Database).
  2. Open the message by its ID by selecting “Show Additional Criteria”.
  3. Open the Message Data tab and check Quality of Service is "Exactly Once in Order". Note down the Sender and Receiver Service details.
  4. Search for all messages processed in say 1 month for the given Sender and Receiver services.
  5. Expand Configure Table Columns and check Sequential Numbers.

  6. Sort the output by Sequential Number.
  7. Scan through the messages to locate the one that has errored out. You'll notice that the messages after the errored one are in Holding status.
  8. Fix the cause for message failure and resend the errored out message.
  9. Resend the next message in the sequence. Rest of the messages will be automatically processed.

Note: The cause for the failure of the first message should be fixed. Otherwise, the next message will also error out holding up subsequent messages.

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