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Threads per Adapter Type and Receiver Channel

You can increase the scalability at Adapter and Channel level with these two options:

Maximum Threads per Adapter Type:

You can control the thread allocation for each adapter by customizing messaging.connectionDefinition property in the service SAP XI AF Core using the following syntax:

messaging.connectionDefinition=(name=global,...)(name=<AdapterTypeIdentifier>, Send.maxConsumers=<a>, Recv.maxConsumers=<b>, Call.maxConsumers=<c>, Rqst.maxConsumers=<d>)

with <AdapterTypeIdentifier>=<AdapterType>_<Namespace>
(e.g.: File_

Send.MaxConsumers indicates queue for asynchronous communication from AFW to IS
Recv.MaxConsumers indicates queue for asynchronous communication from AFW asynchronous
Call.MaxConsumers indicates queue for synchronous communication from AFW to IS
Rqst.MaxConsumers indicates queue for synchronous communication from IS to AFW synchronous

Check SAP Notes 1084161 and 1129604 for more details.

Maximum Threads per Receiver Channel:

One slow back-end system can block all the threads in an Adapter type.

Such situation can be avoided by controlling messaging.system.queueParallelism.maxReceivers parameter in SAP XI AF Messaging service.

This parameter specifies the maximum number of parallel worker threads per queue, based on the receiver fields of the processed messages. If this is set to value 'm', any receiver channel can use a maximum of 'm' threads for processing. Remaining threads will be available for other Channels in the Adapter type.

Check SAP Note 1136790 for more details.

Multiple threads will obviously not be available for EOIO type quality of service.

You may check this book out if interested in learning PI:
The Essentials on SAP NetWeaver Process Integration - A SAP Mentor 2010 Series


  1. hi
    where I can get AdapterTypeIdentifier details ?

  2. You can find the list of adapters installed and their adapter identifier by calling http://host:java-port/MessagingSystem/monitor/systemStatus.jsp


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