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SAP XI: Turn Off Basic Authentication for RNIF Adapters

When using RNIF adapters, the authentication will be done using certificates. You will not need a user/password.
To check that the user/password based authentication is off, call http://<host>:<port>/MessagingSystem/receive/RNIFAdapter/RNIF and see that you are not prompted for login details.

Follow these instructions to turn basic authentication off:

i. Locate the file SAPXIAF*.sca specific to the XI SP version being used in your system. This sca file contains aii_af_ms_app.sda .
ii. Open aii_af_ms_app.sda and you would find aii_af_ms_app.war file. Open this file also. You would find web.xml. Make the following changes .
iii. Comment out the following section as follows:
iv. Add the following section immediately either below or above the commented section.
< security-constraint>
v. Put back web.xml in to aii_af_ms_app.sda.
vi. Close the SAPXIAF*.sca and open it again to check whether the change that you made is there in the file.
vii. Deploy the modified SDA using SDM tool.

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