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SAP NetWeaver Newbie

SAP XI: XI Message Flow

Message Flow from Adapter Engine to Integration Server (Ex: File Sender):

Message Processing within Integration Server:

Message Flow from Integration Server to Adapter Engine (Ex: JDBC Receiver):

1 comment:

  1. Hi NWNewbie,

    You have explained the message flow and associated stages very well.
    I am also a newbie and nowadays , I am about to mess with the work related with Web Service configuration in PI(SOAMANAGER).
    Can you also post a topic covering Conceptualization of the web services in PI , i mean how it works in collaboration with the communication channels, sender agreements and other objects which are used at time of configuring the service definitions and consumer proxies.

    How the web service architecture is applied by SAP PI.

    I hope you are clear with my quarry.



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