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SAP XI: CC Errors With MQJMS2002

Communication channel errors out when the Queue Manager at the MQ server is restarted. The error is: Channel error occurred; detailed error description: JMS error:MQJMS2002: failed to get message from MQ queue. Linked error:MQJE001: Completion Code 2, Reason 2162, Error Code:MQJMS2002

Even after the Queue Manager is up, JMS Provider continues to call the exception listeners of erroneous connections. The provider 'ping' of these connections continue to fail. This is due to a program error in fail-if-quiescing code in file.

Upgrade the jar files (in aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda) - and to Fix Pack 11 (for v5.3). The files could be downloaded from IBM's website

The deployment of the new
aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda (with updated jar files) requires a restart of the J2EE engine.

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