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SAP XI: Message Fails With 401 Error; Gets Processed On Second Attempt

You find that XI messages are not being processed showing a 401 error (Authentication Error). The message gets processed when on resubmission (which means that the user credentials are correct).

The Java Engine uses UME for authenticating the user credentials that are stored on ABAP stack. Intermittent problems with connections between ABAP and Java (UME Provider Service) can cause this error. The following UME Provider properties may be tuned to resolve this problem:
ume.r3.connection.master.poolmaxwait (in ms)

Check dev_jrfc.trc. If you see any entry matching "ERROR max no of 100 conversations exceeded", increase CPIC_MAX_CONV (SAP Note 314530)

Check gateway trace.
If you see any entry matching "max no of cpic clients exceeded", increase gw/max_sys (SAP Note 894100), If you see any entry matching "max no of connections exceeded", increase gw/max_conn (SAP Note 887909)

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