iPad Apps and Accessories - Photo Editing

Photo Editing
  • PS Express: Free photo editing tool from Adobe, makers of Photoshop.
  • Afterlight: Simpler photo editing tool; easy navigation. Don't judge by its Android version. Costs $0.99.
  • Snapseed: Free photo editing app.Aside storing, Snapseed is really handy with useful features like sharpening, tweaking contrast, brightness; or sharing feature.
  • Retouch: Remove just about any background item from a photo. Costs $0.99
  • Photogene: One of the best photo editing tool with nice retouching capabilities. Costs $2.99

iPad Apps and Accessories - Browsers

  • Safari: The default browser. Loads faster in comparison to other browsers because Apple doesn't allow other browsers to use the Nitrous booster.
  • Chrome: Solid featues. In case your prefered browser on desktop is Chrome, you can get to to sync with the desktop browser.
  • iCab Mobile: I like this one for all the extensions and ease of downloading any content I come across. It has fullscreen options, multitouch gestures, addon widgets, etc.
  • Sleipnir: It works fantastically with my browsing habits. A long hold on a link opens a background tab, drawing an L closes the current tab, and four finger swipe lets you shift between open tabs. Close to iCab and free!
  • Atomic Browser: Private browsing, change font size, identify browser as mobile safari, safari desktop, firefox, or Internet explorer 6,7, or 8. You can change the screen brightness from the browser, multi tab, ad blocking, configurable multitouch gestures and many other things.

Cache issues when PI is connected to older SLD

If an SAP PI 7.1 or newer release system is connected to SLD 7.0, the cache update may fail with the following error;

com.sap.aii.ib.core.abapcache.CacheRefreshException: Unable to find the SLD element (SAP_BusinessSystem, [CreationClassName, SAP_BusinessSystem, string, Name, SID_NNN, string])

The error occurs as the wizard to create a new business system in the SLD 7.0 does not create enough information for proper functionality of the PI Integration Directory. An association to HTTP Service Port required by cache refresh for notifying AS ABAP about changes in the configuration is not created.

To fix this problem, create missing information in SLD by following these steps:

  1. Call the SLD URL in a browser: http://host:port/sld > Administration > Content Maintenance
  2. Select Subset: All With Instances; Class: HTTP Service Port
  3. Click on 'New HTTP Service Port'
  4. Fill following fields:
    • CreationClassName: SAP_HTTPServicePort
    • Name: <SID>_<CLIENT>
    • SystemCreationClassName: SAP_BCApplicationServer
    • SystemName: <SID>
    • Caption: Http Service Port for <SID>_<CLIENT>
    • URL: http://<host>:<port>
  5. Click 'Save'
  6. Select another Class to browse: Business System
  7. Click on the required Business System, i.e. on SID_NNN
  8. Click on "X Associated Instances"
  9. Click on 'New Association'
  10. Select Association Type: Business System HTTP Service Port
  11. Select just created http port (i.e. SID_NNN)
  12. Click 'Associate'
  13. Now go to Integration Directory and clear SLD Cache : Menu-> Environment-> Clear SLD Data Cache.
  14. Goto Menu->Environment->Cache Status Overview and repeat all failed cache refresh events for the required ABAP backend.

High Number of JOBLG Files

Call transaction SP12 and go to the menu path TemSe Database > Memory Allocation
The column "bytes in files" is the data going to filesystem. At the very bottom it counts data by date, and even by hour for the current date of the report run.

In order to clean the files up, you can rely on the following SAP notes
6604        Deleting job logs at operating system level
16513      File system is full - what do I do?
48400      Reorganization of TemSe and Spool
666290    Deleting "orphaned" job logs

A high number of JOBLG files in the global directory are usually due to orphaned job logs. You can delete all orphaned job logs files using RSTS0043.

Print Error: Internal Error

Some popular errors and the reasons for those errors:

Internal Error (-6723) occured
This error occurs if fields from the system layout are deleted while creating the custom template. Create the custom template without deleting the system layout fields. If the fields are not required, they may be marked as hidden fields.

Internal error (-4007) occured
If this error occurs when printing  more than one copy from the printer window, press on print preview and then print the report.

Internal error (-101) occurred
Internal error is misleading here. This error occurs if the printer/print driver is wrong/missing/corrupted. Install a correct printer and/or driver. It could also be because of insufficient authorization in case you are printing from a workstation/citrix.

Internal Error (-50) occured
If you are trying to print to the local workstation as a pdf file or any other format, ensure that the destination folder has write permission on your user ID/group.

Internal error (1) occurred
If you are trying to print/preview a draft, instead of double-clicking on the document, highlight the document and then print/preview